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  Each of our pieces is lovingly branded with a Pearl Inlay--
Our Certificate of Authenticity.
  Actual finish colors and hand distressing may vary from photos.



About Finish Samples

Thank you for ordering samples of our reclaimed wood finishes.  Please note that each piece of wood is unique and the sample that you are looking at may vary from another sample of the same wood and same finish.  

All of these shelves are handmade from wood salvaged from century old barn structures, retaining the natural splits, knots, nails holes… from the original wood surface.  You may be viewing a sample without a knot or nail hole, however your finished shelf may very well contain these natural characteristics.

Reclaimed boards may consist of both sap wood and heartwood together.  Sap wood is the “newer” wood (a relative term in the reclaimed wood world) just beneath the bark in tree trunks and is lighter than the heartwood which is the older central wood of the tree.  Where the heartwood is rich with tannins, the sap wood is not, so one section may receive stain differently than another.

Reclaimed wood has no standards other than the species so when we use reclaimed wood, each beam and board is completely unique – creating your one of a kind masterpiece!

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Note: For all surrounds and shelves: hardware is not included to attach the hanger board to the mounting surface.

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